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This is a FAQ in Progress!

What kinds of things can I request?
You may ask for songs or playlists based on just about anything.  Examples: "I need a playlist for my character. *tell about your character*", "I need music for this scene...", "I'm happy, but I need songs for a sad point in the story", etc

What can't I request?
You may NOT ask for specific songs or artists.  You may reference another artist or song if you need further inspiration.

Why haven't I been accepted into the community?
Chances are that the moderators have been busy elsewhere.  You may be denied if you are an new or inactive user, or if you appear to be leeching files from other communities.  It is best to sign up to this community with a personal journal.

Will members of this community be able to read my personal private entries?
NO.  Members of this community will only be able to see entries you make to this community.  They may though their own surfing read any public information you have in your profile or journal.

Why are entries required to be friends only?
To protect the members of this community and to allow users who upload and share files some privacy and control over their bandwidth.

More to Come!


Welcome + Info

Welcome to TheWriteMuse!
As is stated in the userinfo, this is a place to come to to share songs or playlists based on mood(emotion), theme, or setting.

Find Your Musical Muse!

Some Rules
Membership is moderated, please be an active livejournal user.  This community is not a filesharing community of it's own merits and will not allow leechers or users who just want to grab files.  I will not place age restrictions on members.

All posts must be marked Friends Only.

Members may not ask for specific songs.  You may request songs or playlists based on mood(emotion), theme, or setting.  Other members may respond with links to uploaded songs or playlists or just a name of an artist or song or album.

Use your tags! mood:*insertmood*, setting:*insertsetting*, etc.  Use your discression, I'd rather have fewer tags than not enough.  I will make it so that all users can edit the tags.  Please do not add an artists name as a tag unless you are uploading an entire album.

A Thank You
Thanks must go out to meebes for suggesting a community like this.


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