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thewritesong's Journal

Share Your Musical Inspiration
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music discussion based on mood or theme
TheWriteSong is a place to come to to share songs or playlists based on emotion, theme, or mood.

During the beginning stages of the community members may requests songs based on mood, theme, emotion, or setting.

Tags will be used to help members view entries based on what they need. Mood:*insertmood*, is just an example, similar tags may be used for theme, or setting. Since Emotion is almost the same as mood, mood will be used alone.

Members may not ask for certain songs. You can contribute without sharing files. Just offer a user a track or playlist to point them in the right direction.

All posts will be friends only!

Membership is moderated, please be an active livejournal.com user. We will not tolerate users in the community just to snag filez.

Now, find or share your Musical Muse.

thanks to meebes for the idea.